• Adventurous Author

    Adventurous Author

    Mark Twain wrote what he knew, so will you, once you've had the adventures
  • Brash Pilot

    Brash Pilot

    young, transhuman, rich family, life's a game of fast and faster
  • Combat Specialist

    Combat Specialist

    A Multi-Species Composite - hybrid "mongrel", former GEO marine and law enforcement officer
  • Engineer


    Cetacean geek
  • Field Scientist

    Field Scientist

    Silva hybrid, wild living, biologist
  • Incorporate Freelancer

    Incorporate Freelancer

    Pure human, datathief, research liberator, and negotiator, depending on whom you ask...
  • Native Trader

    Native Trader

    Con Artist, merchant, survivalist, and Systemic Osmoform (squid) Native
  • Rescue Diver

    Rescue Diver

    Diving Analog Aquaform, Medical & Rescue Specialist
  • Salvage Pilot

    Salvage Pilot

    Cat Hybrid, Salvage Operator, Jack of All Trades