Welcome to Poseidon, the second planet of the Lambda-Serpentis System. That’s right, that big blue ball there isn’t Earth, it’s not even the third rock from the sun. It’s around 96% water, and a perfect frontier world.

The year is 2199, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, life on Earth sucks pretty hard. Apologies to anyone actually living under a rock, I’m sure it’s very nice…

Seventy-five years ago, Earth was ravaged by a monstrous virus known as the Blight. Genetically engineered for who cares what purpose, it destroyed agriculture. Billions died from war and starvation. Countries crumbled. The United Nations came up with the Global Ecology Organization. By almost unanimous vote, they ceded economic, military, and legal authority to the GEO, with the caveat that it would be restored to the United Nations upon a two-thirds majority vote of the original member states. Good idea, too bad more than half of the original member states no longer exist. So we’re stuck with them. It’s not all bad, they really do try to make things better for everyone for the most part.

So how did we go from Earth to Poseidon? In 2078, we discovered a wormhole between the Solar system and the Lambda-Serpentis system. The United Nations’ member states cooperated in the creation of the Athena Project, a colonization effort for the second planet of Lambda-Serpentis. 5,000 humans, genetically modified to adapt to life on a water world, along with 300 sentient bottlenose dolphins and 200 sentient orcas, launched into space aboard the colony ship, Cousteau.

Unfortunately for them, the Blight hit and no resupply was ever sent. After the GEO restored order, one of the first things it did in 2164 was to establish Recontact. Nobody expected the original colonists to have survived – certainly not to have grown to 40,000 members. With the discovery of the mineral Long John (xenosilicate crystals capable of unlocking all the secrets of DNA), corporations, countries, GEO, everyone and their mother wanted in on it. Those that weren’t mining asteroids in the Belt colonies around Solar System, living on Luna – Earth’s moon, running cities on the Mars Colonies, or crime lording on Earth, that is.

Fast forward 35 years, there’s now a space station above Poseidon for regular traffic between Earth and Lambda-Serpentis. Dozens of cities, mostly Incorporate-run or Native, dot the islands and atolls of Poseidon. Opportunity abounds for anyone who’s got the figurative balls to reach for it. Every day new discoveries are made about Poseidon; minerals, animals, chemicals, agricultural, aquacultural, insect, and so on.

So how about it? Do you have the courage to face the unknown, the known, and the reasonably theorized-about?

Immersive Depths

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