Brash Pilot

young, transhuman, rich family, life's a game of fast and faster


Born to an affluent family on Mars, your family relocated to Poseidon at the first opportunity – a world that sent your parents’ eyes spinning with scrip signs. Something about exports/imports, imbalanced economies, whatever…the business never really interested you.

Slicing through the skies, now THAT was something worthy of a person like you. Whether it was atmospheric or zero-g, leaving the ground is one of the best feelings you’ve ever had. Slamming an opponent to 2nd place is even better.

By the time you graduated college at 16, you’d already run dozens of races and even convinced your parents to purchase a craft for your own use AND paid them back with your winnings.

On Poseidon though, things are a bit different. Having gone through private schools on Mars Colony, vacationed on Earth’s moon, even spent time slumming it with your friends in the Belt, you thought you’d seen it all. This place though? Unbelievably different.

Hot flying’s not just for fun here, it’s not even just a job, it’s a way of life. It’s challenging in a way you’ve only imagined. Running the storms, dodging the Incorporates, all thrilling activities in their own right, but added to that the fact that any number of things could kill you here, even the sushi, and there’s a whole new level of thrills to be reached.


Brash Pilot

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