Combat Specialist

A Multi-Species Composite - hybrid "mongrel", former GEO marine and law enforcement officer


Short and lean, with dense reddish body hair, four fingers with tough black claws, bright green eyes lacking in white, you are immediately identified as a hybrid. Unlike the apelike Silva and feline Cat hybrids, you are a much rarer breed. Tougher, stronger, faster, but much less pretty, you were raised GEO from birth.

As soon as you were able, you enlisted in the GEO military forces as a Marine. Combat was easy to come by, but respect wasn’t. Sure, the others in your unit loved having you around in a firefight or clearing an urban assault run, but when it came time for a few beers at the NCO club, suddenly you weren’t good enough.

It wasn’t terrible, most of the time…but as soon as your tour of duty was over, you re-enlisted with GEO Peacekeeper unit for assignment to Poseidon. Though you knew you’d never make Marshall, you certainly could make a difference and maybe, just maybe, on the frontier world, you could even find the respect you’ve been craving.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be. After a year of ineffective service in the Peacekeepers, passed over time and again for promotion, you took your last paycheck and left. There are small communities of Composite hybrids like yourself, perhaps you’ll look for them. Maybe you’ll hire on to run security for salvage operations. Who knows?


Combat Specialist

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