Cetacean geek


Blub blub…squeak…clickblubsqueak…damn that translator, oh there we go…

You are one of those few people lucky enough to be born different from most everyone else on Poseidon. Oh sure there are Diver Analogs with blowholes, but can they hunt lesser whites naked? Not that you’ve ever tried that, that’s just nutty, but you could if you chose to.

You’ve spent 85% of your life underwater, the rest on the surface of the water. Born to a happy coupling in Hydrospan Corporation’s great Surge dome in New Fremantle, you showed an early aptitude for technical and mechanical work. Remote operations, manipulations, fine tool work, computers, vehicles, everything came pretty quickly to you. To humans, you don’t look much different from other fins. To other fins though, you’re smaller, lighter, and you swim funny. Good thing fins don’t care about any of that.

Cooperation, that’s the key to survival. Living here on Poseidon is great. Working for Hydrospan is pretty good too. Nominally, every cetacean works for Hydrospan in some capacity, but you like to keep your options open. Humans would call it an open contract. As long as you log at least 20 hours of remote time a week, you get a small stipend and a deep-rise apartment near the center of the Surge dome. Not the most ideal of places in New Fremantle, but not horrible either.



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