Field Scientist

Silva hybrid, wild living, biologist


While you were growing up on the Reservations, everyone called you crazy. Instead of GEO service or mercenary work, you spent all your time on CommCore. Your father worked in an administrative role, training GEO peacekeepers. Mom was almost always gone, doing one thing or another in whereever the hotspot of the week was. She always sent postcards when she was able, but you figured out pretty quick that she was never anywhere near where they said she was.

You never had a whole lot of money, but what you did have was enough for a CommCore account and subscriptions to science journals. Used study materials made for a relatively advanced home-schooled education in your part of the world. Scholarships were pretty easy for you to come by, even as you felt horrible about perpetuating the “monkey in a lab coat” fascination.

The learning curve between your previous education and the college you actually attended was pretty steep, but like everything else in your life, the challenge drove you onward. While you didn’t graduate cum laude, you were still among the top of your class.

This landed you a dream grant from the GEO - cataloguing new lifeforms on Poseidon! The transition from classroom to field is bad enough, but from Earth to Poseidon…well at least the fur grew back. For the last two years you worked with a team of scientists, getting to know the world pretty well. Now you’re on your own, turned loose upon the world, and searching for THE discovery of a lifetime.


Field Scientist

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