Incorporate Freelancer

Pure human, datathief, research liberator, and negotiator, depending on whom you ask...


You grew up in an Incorporate enclave on Earth. Which one depends entirely on what job you’re doing. Your employers tend not to ask too many questions. Your family situation wasn’t the best, you were mostly raised by the schools and when not there, by the streets. You learned pretty quick that you really could be just about anyone and that people would actually pay you to steal for them.

From there it was a hop, skip, and a jump through many lives to becoming a corporate spy. You quickly realized that it would be easier to snatch research samples from the source than from vaults that required months of hard impersonation and deep cover to gain access to. As soon as you had enough scrip together, you skipped the planet and went to Poseidon.

The first three months after landing were miserable. The corporate identity you used to get to Poseidon held up too well. Within days you were logged, DNA marked, and swept into your new job…as a kindergarten teacher. Wonderful.

It wasn’t long before you were able to get out of that job, a Sierra Nueva ecoterrorist provided you with the perfect excuse. He blew you up. Well, the school you were in. Happily, the children were out of school at the time. It wasn’t terribly difficult to get away from the enclave.

Unfortunately, your DNA is still catalogued and your physiological markers have been recorded many times.


Incorporate Freelancer

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