Native Trader

Con Artist, merchant, survivalist, and Systemic Osmoform (squid) Native


You’ve heard about Earth, the home world of your great great great grandparents, it sounds like a pretty crappy place. Having lived your whole life in a paradise like Poseidon, it’s near impossible for you to imagine the horrors that happened on that distant rock – so you try not to, succeeding very easily. Hey, they abandoned your people and you all did just fine without them.

Recontact brought whole new opportunities and dangers. Social ones, mostly.

Sure, some call you a sell-out. Some call you hero. Some don’t bother to call you at all and that’s perfectly fine.

Most of your business is legal now, trading goods and materials island to island. Bioplastics one day, foodstuffs another, hydrogen crackers on this island, mining suits on another, anything that’ll fit on your boat. When you were younger, you were all about the illegal business. You lied, you stole, you lied and stole, you bribed officials, conned the “spotters” – folks new to the planet – of every bit of scrip they had, you name it.

Oh sure you had rules. Violence wasn’t really your style, of course. Nor would you ever con or steal from another Native or any kind of cetacean. Most of your ill-gotten gains went back to your community in any case.

So you trade when you can honestly, when you can’t you just ask nicely for whatever you want, then steal what you need while they’re thinking about how to say no.


Native Trader

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