Rescue Diver

Diving Analog Aquaform, Medical & Rescue Specialist


You were born here on Poseidon, first generation, to Lunar parents who immigrated under GenDiver Corp’s call for Biochemical engineers. While your parents often spoke of their past, living on Earth’s moon, to you it might as well be a fantastic fiction. It’s hard to imagine a world without vast seas, dangerous storms, or even the smell of flowering algae.

Living on Poseidon in a GenDiver-sponsored town is a bit like growing up in the military, so you’ve heard. Numerous job-transfers, sometimes one or both of your parents would be gone doing this or that for the glorious Incorporate State of GenDiver, sometimes only a few days, once for nearly six months…your mother doesn’t talk about that last time though. That was when she came back with broken bones and missing two fingers.

First chance you got, you left the Incorporate way of life and went to University in Haven to study medicine. It was there that you landed a job with the local patrols as a rescue swimmer. They even put up the funding for your genetic redesign, in return for guaranteed service…the spot where the tag was in your ear still itches from time to time. So you had to endure a few years of ribbing and obscure references to some 200 year old entertainment vid about living in a bottle.

You also got to save lives. The travel wasn’t bad either. There was always something to do, whether it was studying the biology, chemistry, and anatomy of humans and cetaceans; keeping up with the latest CommCore updates on newly-discovered dangers in the water; or running out to grab some poor soul who spent far too long in a suit at the bottom of the sea mining xenosilicates.

Life was good. Until you saw something and forgot to keep your mouth shut. You know it was there, you know it was looking directly at you. You know it spoke to you. You KNOW you saw an Aborigine, and you KNOW it said something to you, and you KNOW it swam through solid rock to get away from you, taking a box of Long John with it…

Too bad you’re just crazy. You might have kept your job.


Rescue Diver

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