Salvage Pilot

Cat Hybrid, Salvage Operator, Jack of All Trades


There’s GEO hybrids, there’s GEO-hating hybrids, then there’s you. Yeah, like most others you grew up on the Rez, learned all the GEO party lines, heck, you even signed up with them and took your first tour of duty in space, running supplies and goods back and forth between Mars Colony, the Belt, and Earth.

As you learned more about flying the ships, you wondered more about fixing them. Your second tour of duty was a flight out to Poseidon, fixing the ships you used to fly. Eventually you were assigned to a GEO-sanctioned salvage team, chasing the storm surges and staking claim for the GEO. When that duty assignment finished, you jumped at the chance to get out and set up your own private salvage team.

Incredibly lucrative business, you’ve been able to run a decent crew for the last year. At least until your marker came due. Borrowing money is hard when you don’t have much credit, so you went to the Gorchoffs. You’d been paying on time, even with the jacked up vig, pretty soon though, they called the whole marker in. No explanation, just a demand to pay or else. So you paid, you paid out of your own pockets, you paid out of your crew’s pockets, having to let them go without severence. The only thing you kept was your ‘craft and some personal mementos.

But at least you’re alive and you’re not beholden to the crime lords anymore…right?


Salvage Pilot

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